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Quantity Surveying

CPC has extensive experience in providing Quantity Surveying services at Pre-Contract as well as PostContract phases. Our team members include Chartered Surveyors, Structural, Civil, Mechanical andElectrical Quantity Surveyors. CPC uses internationally accepted normssuch as POMI (Principle of MeasurementInternational), SMM7 and CESMM3 forpreparing tender Bill of Quantities;whereas cost estimates are based on theprevailing construction costs, availabilityof resources and timing of construction,etc. Our aim is to support planning anddesign with accurate and timely costinput as well as interim valuation, variationsand agreement on the FinalAccount upon completion and handover. The CPC team prepares Conditions of Contract based on industry accepted norms such as FIDIC andthe like. Our Contract Administration role continues throughout the project, from preparing tender documentationand pre-qualification of bidders, to evaluation of tenders up to contract award. During postcontract phases, we provide advice and support on contractual issues and assist with Dispute Resolutionon an on-going basis, so as to avoid disruptions and delays due to pending disagreements.

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